Count It Joy


Photo courtesy of Count It Joy Photography

So you’ve probably all seen the latest viral photos of Snuggles the dog debuting in his own newborn photo shoot with his adoptive parents right? I mean, it’s been all over the  news and internet the last couple of weeks so you would have at least skimmed past it on one of your newsfeeds! Tongue in cheek, cute, adorable, funny, etc. etc. I loved watching it go viral from when it was first posted.

My point to that tidbit of info is that Jamie Clauss from Count It Joy Photography, who shot the Snuggles photo session, just surprised me with a beautiful video that included one of my large canvas tents!

During a photography session with her precious little clients Ellie and Micah, she incorporated one of my large canvas tents that she purchased earlier this summer. I knew she was planning to use it in a video but I had no idea how special and amazing that video would turn out! Her vision and skills as a photographer and videographer are beyond words and I am very honoured and super excited to have been included. (Oh and turn up your volume, the song is so perfect!)

To show her some love and see more of her fabulous work, please visit Jamie at:

Count It Joy Photography – Website and Blog

Count It Joy Photography – Facebook

I’ll go back now and watch the video about a hundred more times! These kids are too precious!



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