AshleyGabby Characters!

I have to say that I am so excited to roll out a new line of items from AshleyGabby Designs! As you might already have read, I named my business after two of my daughter’s dolls. One was Ashley, one was Gabby. Because of Stephanie’s developmental delay, she never quite understood that they had two separate names. She called each of them “AshleyGabby”. This was so endearing and has always stuck with me.

I’ve been dreaming about adding Ashley and Gabby characters to my products in some way for quite a long time. This past spring I decided to stop dreaming and get moving. I came up with two design illustrations to honor each of those dolls that were precious to my daughter and to represent my business.

Introducing –


Copyright Ashley (2)Copyright Gabby (2)

After a long few months of hard work, I am now proud to share the first items in this line…

1. Children’s designer leggings

Ashley LeggingsGabby Leggings








– AND –

2. Bedroom throw pillows!

Ashley Gabby Pillow Pair

They’ve just be released in my Etsy shop and you can find all the details HERE!

Have any other items that you might want to see using these AshleyGabby characters? Tote bags, canvas art prints, t-shirts? Let’s get creative and let me know in the comments!



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