Sleeping In Their Own Room


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Do your children sleep in their own room? Do they sleep in a bed or maybe on the floor?

I have a customer that is desperate to get her son to sleep in his own bed. She ordered my Hot Air Balloon Tent and intends to use it to put over his bed or over the mattress on the floor. This got me thinking about my own struggles with my daughter (who’s almost 15 now).  Up until she was 11 I had the most difficult time getting her to stay in her room at night and more importantly, getting her to stay asleep for the whole night. Her autism and developmental delay made it even more challenging.

I used every method I could come up with. Natural medication, the Dr. Ferber method, letting her cry, I even let her sleep with me for most of her young life just to help her get a few full hours of sleep. I wish I had thought of using a tent! Not to say that would have been the solution but I know now how much she loves to curl into the smallest little ball and would probably have felt comforted by the closed in space of a play tent. I could have put it in my room and slowly moved it out? Or set it up in her room and helped her fall asleep in it?

To a small child with anxiety or fears, a lonely quiet room can be too much. Are there shadows over there? What was that sound? Mom is sooo much cozier to sleep with and I feel safer. Maybe there are no fears and we as parents allowed them to sleep in our rooms because of something like teething, or a week long illness, and it turned into a habit. There are many benefits to co-sleeping with your children and you may have made an informed decision to try it. But by now, some of you might realize you need to make a change.

All kids will eventually sleep in their own rooms, in their own beds. I haven’t heard of any teens that still want to snuggle with mom and dad!  However, you might be at your limit and can’t wait a few months, never mind a decade!

The internet is chock full of products, methods, advice and medications. Which do you choose? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? That’s ridiculous, I won’t try that!? This post could get a lot longer if I got into it! (PS. I love debates. My husband can attest to that) I really can’t give any sound advice on what will work for you, but I did want to get you thinking about your options.

Try a tent and I’m not suggesting it has to be one of mine. Get out your camping gear or construct a bed sheet hideaway. You can even purchase bed tents that are made to fully fit over your child’s mattress. Get creative and get your child involved. What have you got to lose? Besides sleep…

What worked for you? Comment and let us all know…



  1. Jessica says:

    I have three little ones. My now six year old used to sleep well in her bedroom all night. But recent she has been night waking. — and do has my three year old — and my right month old (he eats like a champ throughout the nighttime hours!) I am sticking with it but absolutely wish they would stay in their room so that I can have a less-interrupted night sleep (for all of us!) we’ve tried night lights and special blankets; friends and white noise; music and monster spray; lavender baths and sleepytime tea; chamomile lotion and hugs — to no avail. I will definitely try a tent to see if that will make it cozier and less scary 🙂 thank you ❤

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